Tantric Shivaism of Kashmir

The sadhana is the spiritual practise done in a regular way. It's a specIal interior process on the knowledge way. I propose 7 days of SADHANA of Tantric Shivaism of Kashmir to practise together.
This powerful and sublime yoga is to be done as an individual experience lasting seven days with a direct and continuous face to face.
The practise of 7 days is done one or two people at a time, in a face to face with me direct and continue. It is also possible to do it in small groups but it is necessary to check the availability of the other rooms.

During the sadhana you will live in my home, you will have your private room, but we will spend most of the time together. There will be time for formal practises like Tandava, the dance of Shiva, or the Yoga of touch, or the Visualization of Matsyendranath, but we’ll often enjoy the simple reality of the moment; coking, washing clothes, walking on the seaside or watching a sunset. We are going to integrate the practise in the daily life, in every single situation.

The contribution for the sadhana is 100 USD per day, which includes the accomodation. The cost of the food will be shared.
Unless I say you are not eligible for another Sadhana, you will be free to come back whenever you wish.

Of course before or after the sadhana you can enjoy your vacation in Costa Rica as you prefer. If during the sadhana you want to leave the practise, you will be free to do it.

To contact me and book your period of sadhana of Tantric Shivaism of Kashmir, or just to ask for more informations, please send me an email:

How to get to Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is on the pacific coast of Costa Rica, in the estreme south of the Nicoya penynsula, near the natural reserve of Capo Blanco.
From San Josè de Costa Rica, you can get:

  • a Shuttle from the airport to Santa Teresa (5 hours)
  • the bus which departs from the 7.20 Terminal in San Josè, twice a day, 6.00 am and 2 pm. (6 hours)
  • a plane to Tambor, where you have to take a taxi until Santa Teresa (50min)

"Always present to the reality that he perceives as the play of his own nature, the tantrika is liberated at the very heart of life."

( Spandakarika, sloka 30 )


Tandava, the mystical dance of Shiva is the spontaneous, slow and fluid deployee of body movements in the space...


Yoga of touch

The Yoga of touch, also called kashmirian massage, is a practise of tactile listening of the body of the other...



Visualizations are imaginary guided journey of the mind, where the practitioner thinks to himself as protagonist of the story...


Vijnana Bhairava

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is the introduction of Rudrayamala Tantra, the most ancient text of Tantra that has come to us...

  • Available for the practise of this yoga also for small groups of people staying in Santa Teresa.
  • In Anam we offer also private and group sessions of systemic therapy (Family Constellations).
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