Tandava, the mystical dance of Shiva is the spontaneous, slow and fluid deployee of body movements in the space...


Yoga of touch

The Yoga of touch, also called kashmirian massage, is a practise of tactile listening of the body of the other...



Visualizations are imaginary guided journey of the mind, where the practitioner thinks to himself as protagonist of the story...


Vijnana Bhairava

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is the introduction of Rudrayamala Tantra, the most ancient text of Tantra that has come to us...


"Shiva is then in loving union with Shakti in the form of knowledge and its object, whereas everywhere else he is manifested as pure consciousness."

( Spandakarika, sloka 18 )

  • Available for the practise of this yoga also for small groups of people staying in Santa Teresa.
  • In Anam we offer also private and group sessions of systemic therapy (Family Constellations).
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